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At H.I.T. – Marine, we specialize in providing specific services for the maritime industry, leveraging our expertise in project development, ship design, and project management to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our focus is on delivering practical and efficient solutions in merchant marine, navy, offshore industries, and maritime infrastructures.

What we do

H.I.T. – Marine offers a range of services designed to support the maritime sector. Our experience covers the development of projects for merchant marine vessels including container ships and chemical tankers, as well as collaborations with naval forces and the offshore industry. We emphasize operational efficiency and practical solutions in our approach.

Design and Engineering Solutions

We provide design and engineering services tailored to the specific requirements of new constructions and conversions within the maritime industry. Our goal is to support our clients’ needs with practical and efficient designs that meet current standards and regulations.

Project Management and Support

Our project management services are focused on delivering projects efficiently and effectively, from material supply for merchant and naval vessels to managing the complexities of offshore projects. We aim to ensure project success through careful coordination and attention to detail.

Supply Chain and Procurement Services

H.I.T. – Marine manages the procurement and supply of marine equipment with a focus on efficiency and reliability. Our supply chain services are structured to facilitate timely deliveries and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Service Overview

Services for Coastguard and Naval Forces

  • Material Procurement
  • Equipment Package Supplies
  • Commissioning / Supervision
  • Crew Training
  • Export and Transport Logistic
  • After Sales – Spare Parts

Material Supplies for Naval Forces

  • Engines, and Engine room equipment
  • Deck machinery, Winches, Ccranes
  • Naval Closures , Doors, Hatches, Hangar door
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Remote control valves and Tank gauging systems
  • Pumps , Valves , Fittings
  • Electric fittings
  • Gearboxes , Shaft lines, and components

Equipment for Merchant vessels and Navy Ships

  • FIRE Fighting systems
  • RCV and TGS systems
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • OWS – Oil water separator
  • Fresh water generator Osmosis Incinerators
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Others

Procurement Services for Merchant vessels and Navy ships

  • Procurement of Machinery and Equipment , German and EU maker origin.
  • Technical specifications , drawings , certificates, and type approvals.
  • Export Licenses , End use Certificates , BAfA Approvals
  • Production control, final testing , and inspections prior to shipment
  • Shipping logistic, Transportations by Sea – and Airfreight, Insurance
  • Supervisons, Commissioning services, and Crew training
  • After Sales service, Spare parts

Spare Parts for…

  • Main engines
  • Gearbox
  • all ENGINE rooms machinery
  • Piston liner
  • Piston rod
  • Coupling
  • Crankshaft
  • Bearings

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